Kurume Institute & DJIT agree to work on higher study in Japan


Daffodil Japan IT & Kurume Institute of International Relations have signed an agreement on Saturday regarding higher study in Japan. Daffodil Japan IT Ltd organized a successful Seminar on “Higher Study in Japan” at DIU campus, Daffodil Banquet Hall. 

Mari Imamura, a representative from the Kurume Institute of International Relations was the keynote speaker of the seminar. Mohammad Nuruzzaman, Executive Director of Daffodil education network  and Rathindra Nath Das, Director of DJIT discussed about all the opportunities of higher study in Japan. About 200 students from different universities participated  in the seminar.


Later Mr. Toru Okazaki, Managing Director of DJIT delivered his valuable speech regarding the issue. After the valuable presentation regarding study and work in Japan; Toru Okazaki introduced Mario Imamura to the students.

Mari Imamura, a representative from the Kurumi Institute of International Relations emphasized in her speech that, the benefits of knowing Japanese language are more than bearing a general certificate to work and study in Japan.

Mari Imamura said,  “If you guys will decide to join in my institute than I will take responsibilities (working & living) during your study period”. “Accomodation and part time work is available during study period in and students can easily work and earn after learning Japanese” she added.

Finally, Mr. Toru Okazaki answered the student queries regarding this issue. He also explained how students can easily go Japan through Daffodil Japan IT.

He said “DJIT is working successfully on overseas recruitment from the beginning of the year. “Already we have sent five students with direct job opportunity and 20 students are in the channel”.