Smart sensor developed by Duke University


You must be facing problem hearing sound of the person who called you in a noisy party. Thank to Duke University engineers who made the impossible possible.

According to the paper’s lead author Abel Xie, “We’ve invented a sensing system that can efficiently solve an interesting problem that modern technology has to deal with on a daily basis. This could improve the performance of voice-activated devices like Smartphones and game consoles.”

The sensor developed by Duke University can recognize the direction of the sound and can extract it from the background sound. According to Steve Cummer, the professor of electrical and computer engineering at Duke,“The cavities behave like soda bottles when you blow across their tops. The depth of the cavities affects the pitch of the sound they make, and this changes the incoming sound in a subtle but detectable way.”

The sound wave gets deviated by the cavity when a sound gets to the device. That distortion has a specific signature, which depends on the slice of pie it passes over. When the sound is picked by the microphone, it is transmitted to the computer which separates the noise based on the distortion.

The researchers tested the invention in multiple trials by sending three types of distortion simultaneously from the different direction. This was 96.5% accurately distinguished. National Academy of Sciences has described the findings in the proceedings. It seems like the invention is a great help to all of us. If you have some opinion regarding this, comment below to add value to the article.