Microsoft planning a product refresh & expected to launch Surface Pro 4


According to reports, Microsoft is planning an important launch this October. Among the announcements, a major refresh in the Windows 10 product line up, including the Surface Pro 4 is expected.

In a post on CNet, Mary Jo Foley says, “In addition to announcing the rumored premium Windows Phones, codenamed Cityman and Talkman, which will run Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft also is likely to announce the Surface Pro 4, its successor to the current Intel-based Surface Pro 3 tablet which will ship with Windows 10 preinstalled, say the tattlers.

Because of Microsoft’s commitments that existing peripherals, like the Surface Dock, charger and covers, will be compatible with future Surface Pro models, there are unlikely to be drastic changes to the Surface Pro 4 externals.”

The report adds, “The main focus for Microsoft’s hardware event will be the two new Lumia handsets and the Surface Pro 4. A Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL have been rumored for months, and specifications for both handsets have already leaked. All that’s really left is to see what these handsets really look like and how they fit into Microsoft’s new Windows 10 Mobile ecosystem.”

The Verge adds, “Microsoft will also unveil the Band 2 at its October event. Little is known about the device, but given the feedback around the original hardware it’s a safe bet that the second version will look and feel a lot better.”

“Microsoft has not yet officially announced any press events for October, but the company is holding a Windows 10-related hardware event at Berlin’s IFA conference in early September. We’re told that Microsoft won’t be announcing any new Surface products or any high-end Lumia devices at IFA, so expect to hear more details about the company’s big hardware event soon,” the report added.


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