Google and Lenovo fell in love with the same ‘e’


Two of the tech world’s biggest brands redesigned their logos this year: Lenovo in June, and Google just a couple of days ago. Both already had a slanted ‘e’ in their original designs, but after the overhaul, their ‘e’s have grown remarkably similar.

The angle of their slants is now identical. The similarity is nothing more than a coincidence, of course, but it’s certainly a cool one that could provide some visual synergy between the two brands when they work together.

When we asked type designer Tobias Frere-Jones what he thought of Google’s new logo, he concluded his remarks by saying “I really hope this ‘e’ does not become a thing.”

Well, two big tech companies are now using it, and there are plenty of others outside the tech sphere too, so maybe that ‘e’ is indeed a thing already.


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