Leaked: Apple Music for Android screenshots appear online


Though Apple Music released for iOS back in June, the company promised that the service would be available soon to Android. Now, a few screenshots have been leaked offering a basic look of how the service would look like for Google’s Android platform.

A report by Mobile Geeks shared leaked screenshots which show how Apple Music would look like for Android users. In addition, the website has also shares a Google community link which states that it is currently in beta testing with limited users.


A leaked image showing the Apple Music interface on Android Image: Mobile Geeks

The report points out that this is the first impression of the app on Android. There are a few systemic differences between iOS and Android. For example, one can make various settings in the Android app directly from the sandwich menu and the corresponding menu item. On iOS, however, this is done at the system level, which is in the settings of the iPhone or iPad.


Apple Music is currently available on iOS devices, as well as Mac and PC. Just like most other similar services, it will allow users to stream music across genres such as Dance, Pop, Rock, Bollywood and so on. During the launch, the company had promised over 30 million songs. For Indian music, looks like Apple has tied up with Sony Music, Zee Music, Universal Music, to name a few. Interestingly, the leading Indian label T-series seems to be missing from the list.


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