Measure Weights With Your iPhone 6S


The latest flagships from Apple – the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, may have earned good reviews due to their hardware upgrades and an introduction of 3D Touch, but they did come under some fire from consumers who felt the new devices didn’t offer much in terms of design or innovation, for them to upgrade from the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Now, it seems that 3D Touch can actually help you perform some nifty tricks, thanks to one Software Engineer.

The Engineer in question has developed an app which uses the iPhone’s 3D Touch system to measure and compare the weights of different objects. Don’t let your mind wander into thinking that it would be able to measure the weight of large objects – we are actually talking about weights of objects such as an apple that can be placed on the screen of the iPhone.

Many have also questioned if Apple’s 3D Touch is in fact a new feature that only Apple has brought. Huawei seemed to troll Apple on stage at IFA 2015 by using the pressure-sensitive display on the Huawei Mate S to weigh an orange. Turns out, Huawei was actually the first company to introduce a pressure sensitive display after all.

The app can be employed to compare the weight of an object to the maximum pressure level that the iPhone 6S display can detect

But let’s get back to this new app which is called the Plum-O-Meter. The app can be employed to compare the weight of an object to the maximum pressure level that the iPhone 6S display can detect. For example, you can measure the weights of two grapes on the same screen which is actually a pretty neat feature. Objects can range from fruits to even jewelry.

The developer informed that the iPhone will not be replacing precision electronic scale anytime soon. Also, the app can only be used to weight-compare objects that are heavier than the minimum force required to register a tap but lighter than the maximum pressure level of the 3D Touch system.

However, Apple actually doesn’t allow developers to make use of 3D Touch to create apps that solely rely on pressure sensitivity since they would not be able to cater to users who have older models of the iPhone. Hence, the Plum-O-Meter can only be accessed on jail broken iPhones for now. The developer has published the source code behind the app on GitHub and shared information on how to make use of the 3D Touch API.