Apple Music Beta arrives on the Google Play Store


Apple has released its Apple Music app on the Google Play Store, making it the second app from the Cupertino based company to be released on the rival Android platform, after ‘move to iOS’.

Announced at the WWDC, Apple Music is the company’s foray into music streaming segment which is lead by companies such as Spotify, Pandora, Rdio and so on. Apple Music also brings an always on Beats 1 radio station to the table. Apple has tried to keep all its features from the iOS platform on to the Android platform, keeping the Android design elements in mind.

You get the same 3-month trial period with Apple Music after which you will be charged Rs 120 per month for individual use. This is the same price as is present on the iOS platform. But we did not notice any family plans for Android, which costs Rs 190 per month on the iOS platform. Users also get access to Beats Radio, Connect feature, Curated Playlists and so on.

Since Apple Music is still in the beta stage on Android, it will not come with certain features. For instance, streaming music videos is not an option on Android at the moment. Also signing up for family memberships is not available on the Android app. Voice control is not present on the Apple Music beta app which is obvious considering there is no Siri on the Android platform. Google Now’s voice command will not work with Apple Music yet. Also you will not be able to play music stored on your phone using the Apple Music beta app – it does not work as a media player.

You will need to have an Apple ID to sign in and if you have made any purchases on iTunes using this Apple ID, then that music will be synced and be available under My Music. You can download songs, playlists as well as full albums for offline listening.

Speaking to TechCrunch, Eddy Cue, senior vice president of internet software and services for Apple said, “We’ve obviously been really excited about the response we’ve gotten to Apple Music. People love the human curation aspects of it, discovery, radio. But from the moment we got into music, many, many years ago, we’ve always wanted to do things for everyone when it came down to music. Part of that was letting you enjoy your music no matter where you were and what products you were using.”


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