Gmail attachments saved in your Google Drive in just 3 steps


If you are a gmail user, and chances are that you are, then Google drive is here to make life easier. The attachments you recieve in your gamil, can be directly saved to  a folder in your Google drive. You could specify a gmail label or create a new one, it could be anything from ‘GoogleDrive’ to ‘Darth Vader’, and all attachments marked with that label will be downloaded into your Google Drive folder.

So you see, there’s no extra hassle of installing browser extensions or the insecurity of having to give your gmail account password to third-party apps. As we are all aware, Google is famous for its ‘sync’ feature which means that the attachments will straight away be available on all your devices, including your phone.

Right, so here’s how to activate the Send to Google Drive program:

1. Create a copy of the Google Sheet in your Google Drive

2. Open the sheet and you notice a new Gmail Attachments menu at the top. Choose Authorize and grant the necessary permissions. This is an open-source that runs in your own Google account so don’t worry; no one else will have access to any of your data.

3. Click the same menu again and select Run. then close the Google sheet and tadaa! The script will start downloading Gmail attachments to your Google Drive in the background.

So what happens after that? Well, the Google sheet will monitor the label you specified and check for new attachments every 5 minutes. If you want to change the folder in your Google Drive that the attachment is downloaded to, then simply change the value of ‘D5’ in the sheet.

Next, after the attachments have been saved, a new label is applied to the Gmail message to show you that the  message has been processed. The default label name is given ‘AttSaved’ but you can even change this by specifying a new label/name in cell ‘D6’ of the sheet.

By chance if you ever want to stop this whole process, just open the same sheet and this time click ‘uninstall’ from the Gmail Attachments menu at the top.

The Premium Version

Needless to say, this will have more options than the free version but it will also cost you around $30 to $100 all-in-all. In case you do decide to spend a little, here are its features:
It can monitor Gmail messages that belong to a nested Gmail folder.

1. The free version only supports downloading attachments from 1 label whereas, as expected, the premium will allow you to specify more than 1 label.

2.The free version dumps all Gmail attachments to one Google Drive folder as opposed to the premium version that organizes them in sub-folders. This will make your drive less messier and more organized.