Motorola pushes out kernel sources for Moto X Pure Edition


The Motorola Moto X Pure Edition was one of the first smartphones to receive the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update and now there’s sweeter news for owners of the same. According to TechGadgetCentral Motorola has now released the kernel sources for the Moto X Pure Edition, so tweakers will now be able to take complete advantage of their Moto X (2014) smartphones.

To make things clear, the Motorola Moto X Pure is the same smartphone as the Moto X second generation (2014) that is sold in India. Now that Motorola has released the kernel sources for the same, users and tweakers world wide will now be able to create custom Android software experiences for the smartphone that will help owners get more out of their Moto X.

Clearly, the kernel sources are for the Pure or the unlocked version of the smartphone being sold in the US, this means that the same can be utilized in ROMs universally for the global variant of Moto X.

Third-party ROM developers will now be more than happy, to incorporate the same in their custom ROM development  programs. Moto X fans will soon be able to try out software on the Moto X (2014) devices with custom features that were until now, not available due to the lack of kernel sources. Developers looking for the source code can head to GitHub to download the same.