Babypod app may have a positive effect on your unborn baby


Mums to be who subscribe to the idea that a few choice tunes have a positive effect on their unborn nippers, and who don’t mind having a bit of Mozart piped directly into their vaginas, should check out Babypod – described as “the only device that has demonstrated to stimulate vocalisation of babies before birth with music”.

You might imagine that strapping a couple of iPod speakers to your belly would do the job, but the “only way the music can really reach the baby is vaginally”, according to the Babypod’s Spanish creators, who offer some serious research to back their claim.

So, for a tad over 90 quid, your protobaby can enjoy the benefits of prenatal playlists via Babypod, which is reassuringly constructed with a “hypoallergenic silicon exterior”.

You’ll also get some auxiliary headphones for that family listening experience, and there’s the obligatory app offering the added benefit of a foetal voice messaging service, should you wish to tell your baby how much you love it, to stop kicking, get the hell on with being born, etc, etc.

The app comes with four free songs to get you started, but there’s no indication of what they are. We suspect Ace of Spades by Motörhead doesn’t feature.