Malaysian Government Shows Interest In Teletalk Investment


Bangladesh government is seeking investment from Malaysian government to turn government owned telecom company Teletalk into a profitable company, State Minister for Telecom Tarana Halim said to the media.

In her latest visit to Malaysia, Tarana Halim has met with her Malaysian counterpart Salleh Said Keruak who has shown interest to invest in Bangladesh’s telecom sector.

The State Minister has also visited Celcom, Malaysia’s state-owned telecom operator. Celcom has become the second most profitable operator in the country after incurring losses since 2006.

State Minister said Teletalk and Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Ltd will follow Celcom’s model here in Bangladesh.

“They want to look into some issues before investing in Bangladesh’s telecom sector,” she said about the investment. “We have already made several changes to Teletalk and have seen positive responses. If we can get some fresh investment, Teletalk will be able to compete with other local operators,” She added.

Meanwhile, teletalk is on the verge of a major re-branding in February, starting with new logo and website to new packages and a modern complaint system, according to Tarana Halim.

“Teletalk’s network coverage will improve if we can increase the number of base stations. We can also get more subscribers then,” said Tarana Halim.