Facebook Has A Secret Messaging Website That You Didn’t Know About


So you are an avid Facebook user and you probably also rely on Facebook to message or chat with your friends and family members as opposed to texting or calling them. But does that mean you know all about Facebook? Well, get this, Facebook has not just one website but two – yes the other website is hidden in plain sight and Facebook doesn’t seem to be interested to promote it. The website I am talking about is Messenger.com.

Messenger.com is essentially the same as the Messenger app you find on your mobile phone or Facebook, but it has been tailored to use for desktop web browsers. There is no need for you to sign up or open up a new account to access this site but you can simply use your Facebook credentials and if you are already logged into Facebook, it will recognize you automatically and you can proceed with the same username.

The best thing about the site, aside from being an easier option of communication, is that there are no ads. You also won’t be bombarded with updates and suggestions as you are not using Facebook. Rather, the site has a simple three-sided layout that displays a list of your active conversations on the left, current chat in the middle and an info area on the right that provides a link to the Facebook profile of the person you are currently chatting with, along with quick access to photos you two may have shared. All of this is in one place which means you can download, forward or even hide them as you please.

That’s not all. You can even make video or voice calls from this very simple interface, which looks almost the same as it would if you were using the messenger app on your mobile phone. According to Business Insider, an approximate 70 million users use Messenger.com every month, whereas Facebook has 1.44 billion users who log on to the site each month.