Aamra free Wi-Fi hotspots to be introduced over 1,500 locations


Aamra Free Wi-Fi hotspots are going to be available in more than 1,500 locations across the country by 2016. With no caps, no restrictions, no conditions, and no ‘Fair Usage Policy’, the internet service is going to be absolutely free. Currently, the service is available in over 350 locations in Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet, said a recent press release.

All smartphone users will be able to avail Wi-Fi at the aamra Wi-Fi hotspot locations. These are currently available at busy and popular locations such as restaurants, coffee shops, university campuses, shopping malls and hangout places. As of January 2016, cafeterias of 10 public and private university campuses in Dhaka and Chittagong have been connected to ‘aamra’ Wi-Fi, with 25 more campuses in the pipeline to be connected by February 2016.

With nearly 4.4 million smartphones imported in 2015, the demand for smartphones in Bangladesh has seen one of the highest rises globally. However, with only 34% penetration, internet usage is still at a nascent stage in the country. The meteoric growth of the service in recent times, fueled by nationwide 3G network penetration by the mobile operators is showing great progress in getting connectivity to all citizens of the country.

 “We realize that the vast number of young population in the country is key to making the dream of Digital Bangladesh a reality in the coming years. We also understand the importance of ensuring continuous accessibility to the internet in order to catalyze the process. Aamra Companies have been working relentlessly towards achieving that goal,” said Intekhab Mahmud, CEO of aamra Smart Solutions.