Is it the end of Yahoo?


There’s no good news for Yahoo anymore. The company which has been drowning for quite some time now has its management going back and forth with the question of whether they will sell the company for good or not.

As part of its earnings statement for the last quarter of 2015, Yahoo Chairman Maynard Webb stated that the company is ‘exploring additional strategic alternatives’ or perhaps a complete sale, while reiterating that separating its Alibaba stake from its operating business continues to be a primary focus.

In order to keep things moving, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has decided to cut down costs even further by selling of assets worth of $1 billion, closing 5 offices around the world and laying off 15% of the workforce the company currently employs – measures that may still be futile in turning things around for Yahoo.

There is a discrepancy between the two intentions from Yahoo and a source for Recode said that Yahoo’s board is ‘emotionally supportive’ of Mayer’s intentions, although a few board members expressed their interest to simple sell the company for as high a price as they could possibly get.

The palpable question that arises is what does it mean for Yahoo customers? While Search, Mail, Tumblr and some of Yahoo’s editorial aspects will still be functional , it will be the end for many other products from the company during this year.