Here’s how to turn an old sluggish PC into a Chromebook


One of the worst things about PCs or Macs (or any computer) is that they don’t necessarily last for an extended period of time. Sure, you can get upgraded hardware and software for your Windows PC but eventually a time will come, thanks to technological advancements, when your device will just be lagging behind.

Hence, most of us have to switch our computers for newer ones and the old device is rendered useless. Not anymore. A New York based startup called Neverware is helping to change that altogether.

The startup is currently helping schools to refurbish old Windows PCs and Macs that has been abandoned as unusable, and are transforming them into ‘Chromebooks’ that the students are able to work on. Neverware takes a certain amount of money from the schools for every device that it brings to life but offers free software to individual users.

As of now, you will be able to set up most computers to dual boot into their original operating system or Chrome, which means you can keep all of your data on the device and use it as a Chrome-capable laptop.

However, you won’t exactly be able to call them ‘Chromebooks’ as that is a trademark which is reserved for laptops created by Google and its hardware partners. A representative from Google has made the suggestion to call the machines Chrome or Chromium laptops. Although the name to be used is different, the user experience will be almost exactly the same as that of Chrome, and all of the Google apps and services will work or function without any trouble whatsoever.

One thing to be considered here is that Neverware will perhaps not be able to fix all computers, particularly the ones that are old. But if you do happen to own some old hardware that you don’t exactly use anymore, you can use Neverware’s software to try and resurrect it as a netbook and that would certainly add value. You can download the software here. So, what are you waiting for? Bring out that old machine and give it life!