UC Browser Launches In Bangla


UCWeb Inc., the maker behind UC Browser, the world’s No.2 mobile browser with 19.97% market share (per StatCounter), introduced the Bangla Version of UC Brower for the first time for all of its users, said a press release today.

A press conference was held at a hotel in the city to announce the launching of the Bangla version during the historic month of language movement in the presence of Catherine Huang, Marketing Director of emerging markets of UCWeb and other high officials from the company.

Catherine Huang said, “We launched the world’s first Bangla version of mobile browser in December 2015. After a two months test, we bring it as a gift to all the Bangladeshi users on the special occasion of the International Mother Language Day. This is a new step of UC Browser to cater to Bangladeshi users’ needs and preference and a testament to our commitment to the market.”

According to a recent user research in the universities of Bangladesh, UC Browser Bangla version is warmly welcomed by its users. “I like UC Browser more after switching to its Bangla version. It makes me feel valued as an UCer by its team. With my mother tongue, I can get access to information more easily on UC Browser,” said Karibul Hasnat, a student at Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology.

UC Browser is now the no. 1 mobile browser in 4 populous emerging markets, China, India, Indonesia and Pakistan. In Bangladesh, its popularity has been increasing rapidly and its Daily Active Users grew by 109.2% in the past year of 2015. “The popularity is attributed largely to our in-depth localization strategy including serving users local content and services. Bangladesh is an important South Asian market.

The launch of the Bangla version is just the first step to connect more Bangladeshi users to the world. We will continue to improve our product and provide better content and services”, said Kenny Ye, Managing Director of UCWeb International Business Department.