HTC Vive to ship 5 April, international pricing revealed


The HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are slugging it out in an epic battle to rule the VR space. There won’t be a winner for a long time yet and Sony’s PlayStation VR headset is yet to enter the fray. In the meantime, HTC has announced that pre-orders for the Vive will start shipping from April 5th.

The Vive sets itself apart from the Oculus Rift by offering a “room-scale VR experience” and individual controllers for each hand that can track hand movement. It also sets itself apart by being the most expensive VR headset currently available, and by a significant margin at that.

What we know of the Vive is exciting, especially the fact that it’s backed by Valve Software. The biggest problem with the Vive and the Rift right now is pricing. HTC, in a recent blog post, revealed international pricing for the headset and if you thought $799 was steep, the device’s price outside America touches the $999 mark in some places.