Android Accounts For 85% Of All Device Failures


The smartphone industry is highly competitive and hence you would think that we have reached parity in terms of pricing and functionality. After all, the difference between an iPhone and a flagship Android device arguably boils down to personal preference at this point. However, it seems that the iPhone is still the smartphone to beat when it comes to reliability and failure rates.

According to a recently published study from the Blancco Technology Group, 85% of all mobile device failures during the fourth quarter of 2015 came from Android handsets compared to just 15% of issues which originated on iOS. Breaking down the numbers by manufacturer, Samsung devices accounted for 27% of device failures, followed closely by Lenovo at 21%, Motorola at 18% and Xiaomi at 11%.

As to the specific causes of devices failing to operate properly, camera problems represented 10% of device failures, followed by touchscreen malfunctions, battery charging issues, microphone problems and overall performance issues. These 5 issues combined account for nearly 40% of all issues encountered on both iOS and Android devices.

The issues troubling smartphone users tend to vary greatly depending on the geographic region. For instance, performance and camera issues account for 25% of all problems associated with smartphone owners in North America. But if we head on over to Europe, poor carrier signal and problems making calls account for 56% of all reported device problems.

“Device failures in Europe soared during the second half of 2015,” the report notes, “rising from 14 percent during the third quarter to 29 percent during the fourth quarter.”