Google to talk in Bangla!


Google is now talking in Bangla! Yes, that’s right. This is not an exaggeration. You will notice it if you use Google Translator to translate from English to Bangla. All you have to do is click on the mic option below the word you are translating.

Google uses the text-to-speech technology to convert text words into audio format. Recently Google has come up with a report regarding this matter in their blog. This is the third report by Google’s research team regarding Bangla text to speech conversion. Although the three-step initiative is still in the development stage, it has been added to Google Translator on a test basis.

Martin Jahnke, software specialist for Google’s latest initiative has said in a blogpost that they have already converted 65,000 Bangla words to machine language. The conversion has been done according to International Phonetic Alphabet rules. The spelling of some complicated words have been reviewed and their scripting is being carried out accordingly.

The first report was concerned about garnering the related information regarding speech in Bangla while the second one focused on how to synthesize clear speech from those information.

The report also said that Google Spoken Language Technology is working to convert the most widely spoken languages around the globe into a ‘speech format.’ The Bangla text to speech conversion is part of that project.

In the blog post Martin has explained through a diagram how the 4-step conversion process is carried out. If the project is successful, non-native speakers of the Bangla language can learn the language with more ease.