Twitter introduces Fabric mobile app with real-time alerts


Twitter has announced the availability of the Fabric mobile app which will offer real time alerts on the go. The app is now available for Android and iOS for all developers. The app that will help developers build and monitor their apps that use Twitter APIs and works with the Apple Watch and Android Wear as well.

“When you get a push notification from us, we’ll give you everything you need to know: full stacktraces, number of affected users, and breakdown of devices and platforms – all in real time. That way, even before you pull up your laptop, you know where to look for a bug, who on your team to reach out to and how it could affect your metrics”, Meekal Bajaj, Product Manager at Fabric stated via the blogpost. 

This app offers features such as push notifications in real time about major updates. Looks like Twitter is making its developer tools useful in more situations. Currently, more than 1.6 billion devices are using some part of Fabric and more than 225,000 developers started using it within one year of it becoming available, Bajaj added.

This service is also similar to Crashlytics, which helps developers track application crashes as well. It helps shift monitoring to mobile devices, which can notify developers when something is going wrong.