Microsoft HoloLens demos leaked on Twitter


Twitter user WalkingCat, known for his Microsoft related leaks, released a few videos demonstrating Actiongram, a mixed reality app. Also leaked were a demo of a HoloLens version of Microsoft’s Start Menu as well as some sort of Bluetooth clicker to aid in navigating the UI.

The developer version of the HoloLens is expected to ship soon for about $3,000. ArsTechnica reports that some devices have been delivered to developers. The leaked videos are, apparently, part of a series of videos that said developers were tasked with producing as demos.

Actiongram, the app that’s been featured in the leaked videos, is an app that seems to let you drag and drop 3D objects and animations into your “world”. You will be able to interact with them, make them dance and more. In the course of the demos we catch a glimpse of what looks like a HoloLens version of a Start Menu.

You navigate through it by pointing with your finger and making a clicking gesture to select. Actiongram was supposed to be unveiled on Feruary 29th.