YouTube creates more changes in the next months


In the past weeks, several large YouTubers have been hit with apparent copyright violations that have led to video removals and loss of revenue. In response, YouTube has announced they are working on new initiatives to improve communications, starting with a dedicated team to minimize mistakes.

The post on Google’s support forum detailing the recent events and upcoming changes is by a member of the YouTube Policy team. It was tweeted earlier this afternoon by YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and mentioned channels recently affected by copyright claims.

The largest and most immediate change is the creation of a human team to minimize mistakes and improve the quality of actions taken. YouTube is also planning to “roll out some initiatives in the coming months that will help strengthen communications between creators and YouTube support.” Specifically, they will increase the transparency into the status of monetization claims.

YouTube claims there hasn’t been a big change in the overall rate of video removals and that the automated system meant to deal with violation claims and the appeals process is at fault. Implemented in the early days of the video site, it has not adapted to the ever growing user base and increasing amount of people who have come to rely on YouTube to make a living.

YouTube is working as quickly as they can to implement the improvements and hopefully they will improve the situation for many of the site’s creators.