Here are the 5 incredible things that 5G will offer


The world is now abuzz talking about 5G, but here in Bangladesh we are still stuck in the 3G era. However, it makes you wonder what is so special about 5G that the tech world can’t help but indulge in this latest means of connectivity?

Well, for starters, 5G is 100 times faster than the current wireless technology that is available and is even faster than what Google Fiber offers through a physical connection. Such ‘super speeds’ can open up newer avenues of opportunity for the tech industry, although you shouldn’t get too excited as mobile deployments of 5G is not likely to happen before 2018. But let’s take a look at what awaits us with 5G.

Autonomous Cars

There is no doubt that the world is moving towards self-driving cars. And 5G networks will have the ability to respond fast enough to coordinate autonomous cars, either with the cars communicating to a central controller at a road intersection or with each other.  When all these cars will eventually be equipped with sensors and cameras, they would be able to capture continuous video footage. This implies that if an accident does occur, video from all angles can be viewed and not just from the cars involved but all those that were at the same location during the accident.

New Age Of Videoconferencing

Over the years, videoconferencing has become a necessity, be it communicating with friends and family members, to holding meetings from remote locations. 5G will pave the way to videoconference with such high resolution that it will give you a feeling of being next to the person you are speaking with. You could also rehearse with your bandmates in different locations via video. The current networks aren’t capable of offering precise real-time communications and that is about to change with 5G.


Gaming is globally a huge industry right now and one of the best perks of online gaming is how you can engage in a game with players from across the world. Now playing a virtual game with your friend who is in a different continent is no new feat but with 5G you can wirelessly stream that content into your virtual-reality headset. Data transfer will become so fast that you are not required to wait for a long time for virtual experience to load on your mobile VR headset.

Incredible Web Speeds

Even with a fast connection, it usually takes a couple of seconds to get results on a search engine such as Google. However, when 5G takes over, those results will come instantly. Downloading a movie which could take 6 minutes over 4G, can be done in a mere 15 seconds! With speeds that high, life is certainly going to be a lot easier (and faster).

Remote Health Care

Telemedicine is the future of health care, and with 5G, providing health care remotely would be easier than ever. 5G will be able to allow doctors perform certain procedures remotely, thanks to its brief communication lag. The lag time is so small that doctors would be able to operate on a patient via robots from thousands of miles away. This will particularly come in handy when treating people who are halfway across the world. It means you will be able to get the services of some of the best professionals in the world to treat your medical condition.