Here are five popular sites of Kofu to enjoy

Have you ever heard of Kofu? Kofu is a town in the Yamanashi prefecture, next to Tokyo. Kofu has a lot of attractive sites and here are five popular sites in Yamanashi that you must enjoy during your visiting time in Kofu.

1. Shadow Picture Museum


This museum features shadow pictures created by a Japanese artist, Seiji Fujishiro, and is known as the first museum featuring shadow pictures all over the world.

Shadow pictures are enjoyable only when space and lighting are designed for them, so this museum can give you an unforgettable time with well-designed architecture and marvelous art.

2. Furouen Park


Furouen Park, meaning Garden Park of Eternal Life, has about 3,200 Japanese plum blossom trees. This garden park opens only in February and March because is only used for enjoying plum blossom season. Actually, there are many garden parks which have plum trees in Japan, but in this park, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mt. Fuji over the blossoms as well. This Japanese traditional elegance would be unforgettable for you, so when you come to Japan in February or March, don’t miss this garden park!

3. Winery Sadoya


Yamanashi prefecture is known for wine production, called Koshu Wine and are getting good reviews even internationally.

Sadoya, established in 1917, is one of the wineries in Kofu where you can experience a winery tour and, of course, taste some wine!

4. Shosenkyo Valley


Shosenkyo Valley is just as large and includes some shrines, a temple, and museum. So even if you cannot travel throughout the entire area, you can enjoy its beautiful natural scenery especially if you take the Syosenkyo ropeway – the scenery is magnificent.

5. Hottarakashi Onsen (Hottarakashi Hot Spring)


This hot spring is known for its beautiful scenery of Mt. Fuji as shown in this picture. However, you can also enjoy sunrise, sunset and night views.

Facilities include 2 hot springs (Kocchi-no-Yu and Acchi-no-Yu), a souvenir shop and a snack stand. Acchi-no-Yu opens one-hour before sunrise, so pay a visit to enjoy the beautiful sunrise from Mt. Fuji.

Getting there: Take Chuo Line- Limited Express from Shinjuku station (Tokyo) to Yamanashishi Station (Yamanashi), then take Taxi to Hottarakashi Onsen

Even though Kofu is only about two hours away from Tokyo, you will truly enjoy blessed natural beauty here. So, if you are planning to study in Kofu then you may have the great chance to enjoy all these great things.