Registered SIMs Exceed The 25 Million Mark


More than two and half crore mobile SIMs have been registered to this date using finger print (Biometric) methods. This amount is almost twenty percent of the active 13 crore and 20 lakh SIMS. This was informed last Sunday during a press conference organized by the secretariat discussing progress in SIM registration via biometric methods.

State Minister for Post and Telecommunication Tarana Halim led the press conference. Post and Telecommunication Secretary Faizur Rahman, Commissioner of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) Jahrul Haque and Director General of BTRC MD Emdad Ul Bari, Secretary-General of Association of Mobile Telecom Operators of Bangladesh (AMTOB) Nurul Kabir and representatives of various government organizations were among those present in the press conference.

Addressing the prevalent consternation regarding Biometric SIM registration Tarana Haim said, “A particular group is promoting systematic propaganda against biometric SIM registration. I want to elucidate that the process that is being used to gather finger prints is a Binary Digital Code and there is no scope of using it otherwise and it will not be used otherwise.”

Post and Telecommunication Secretary Faizur Rahman added that legal action will be taken against those who are scheming against the biometric SIM registration process. Tarana Halim also added that illegal activities involving unregistered SIMs will be prevented to a large extent if SIMs are registered using biometric methods.

Recently, various social media networks like Facebook were flooded with pictures conveying dubious information about biometric SIM registration.  Allegations usually include that the information is being sent abroad or money will be siphoned from personal bank accounts using the finger prints.

Tarana Halim asked Secretary-General of Association of Mobile Telecom Operators of Bangadesh (AMTOB) Nurul Kabir about these menacing promotions  to which he replied by saying that the operators are in no way to be associated with such acts.

He also said that to make biometric SIM registration project a success operators have invested more than Tk. 100 crore to which Tarana Halim responded by saying ,”Mobile operators do not have access to sensitive software which can preserve finger print.” She also suggested that the news regarding personal information infringement is preposterous.

Post and Telecommunication secretary also informed that the deadline for biometric SIM registration is 30th April. He also hinted some extension to the deadline.