Tax incentives & other benefits for locally produced devices


The Bangladesh government is willing to provide all kinds of support to encourage manufacture of digital device by local entrepreneurs. The government will also take initiatives to draft special labor laws for skilled workers.

The decisions were taken at the first ever meeting of the Hi-Tech Park Governing Body today. The meeting was chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and was held at Chameli Hall of Prime Minister’s office. 7.4 acres of land were also allocated for the construction of Hi-Tech Park in Mymensingh.

Renowned IT specialist Mustafa Jabbar said that Prime Minister Sheikh has ordered all import duties including VAT on imported electronic parts to be reduced. This has been done to encourage local entrepreneurs to invest in the IT sector and manufacture digital devices locally at cheaper cost. Moreover, for the first time ever, a separate and comprehensive skilled labor law will be drafted.

Mustafa Jabbar also said, ” A committee will be formed to draft plans regarding these two issues. The committee will finalize these issues in due time.”

Terming the ‘Make By Bangladesh’ initiative a milestone, President of BCS A H M Mahfuzul Arif said, “The hardware industry has always been neglected. Software industry has always been given priority and lots of facilities and incentives have been provided for the industry to grow and expand. However, similar incentives for the hardware industry have been almost non-existent. This works against the ‘Digital Bangladesh’ dream. Bangladesh Computer Samity has been telling this to the government from the very beginning.

To reduce dependency on imports of foreign computers and devices we have been trying to materialize the ‘Make By Bangladesh’ project for the last two years. Imran Ahmed, Chairman of the Standing Parliamentary Committee for Post and Telecommunication has also echoed our sentiments during the closing ceremony of ICT Expo 2016. He has been voicing his support to scrap import duties on hardware making inputs for a long time.”

“With this decision, we will see our hardware industry grow exponentially. Bangladesh will make its own digital devices including laptops and computers and in the near future this sector can match or even surpass the RMG sector. We hope to see the new plan implemented in the next fiscal budget. I would also like to thank the government for taking such an initiative,” added Mahfuzul Arif.

All import duties at source on inputs needed to assemble televisions, mobile phones, desktops and laptops have been scrapped. Moreover, hardware industry will now get the same incentives and facilities that the software industry gets.