Beximco Introduces DTH Technology In Bangladesh


Direct To Home or DTH technology will officially begin its journey in Bangladesh from today. In November 2013, the Ministry of Information gave licence to Beximco Communications Ltd. and Buyer Media Ltd. to start providing DTH service in the country. Beximco Communications completed all formal procedures in May 2014. Russian company GS Group were one of the stakeholders of the project along with Beximco. Both the companies took initiative to begin the service last year but couldn’t do so due to certain complications. Eventually, after two years, Beximco Communications is officially starting the service.

Beximco Communications had originally planned on commercially providing DTH service from December 2014. Initially, the company had decided on bringing in 3 lakh subscribers under the plan during the first year and were expected to grow that user base beyond 4 lakhs after the second year. However, the company couldn’t go ahead with the plan due certain bottlenecks.

Television viewers in the country can watch satellite channels without resorting to cable operators using DTH technology. A set-top box, LNB and a small antennae is all that is required. Viewers can also expect to get better sound and picture quality with DTH technology.

DTH technology is being considered as one of the major revenue sources from satellite services. However, BTRC has said that it is too early to start giving out licenses since satellite project has not been implemented yet. BTRC has advised the concerned authorities to formulate appropriate policies in this regard.

Vice Chairman of Beximco Salman F. Rahman said, “Currently there are no authorized DTH service providers in the country. Television viewers have to rely on a handful of cable networks and terrestrial channels. Without providing any local channels, a few Indian DTH service providers are illegally broadcasting DTH signals.”

The service will be officially launched later today at city’s Lakeshore Hotel.