No Further Development Of DMP Central Server


The Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) is yet to set up a central database containing all the tenant and landlord information. Although data collection began from February 29, DMP Joint Commissioner Krishna Pada Roy said they will not initiate the digitisation anytime soon.

DMP has been visiting households and distributing tenant and landlord ‘information forms’ from February 29. The forms are handed over to the landlords, who then pass on the tenant forms to their respective tenants. The deadline for returning the forms is March 15. However, DMP is expected to extend the deadline.

When contacted, some DMP officials have said that they have not yet received any official order from the DMP headquarters regarding digitization.

DMP has been distributing one form per tenant. The tenant form asks for information of the person who rents the house or apartment- it does not require any information of other family members. However, there is fear among the citizens that the information provided in the forms could be misused. Consequently, many have shown concerns about the DMP’s latest initiative.

DMP Commissioner Asaduzzaman Miah at a press briefing on February 29 asked tenants and house owners to provide their “identification information” to the concerned police station by March 15.