Registration Opens For BdNOG5 Conference And Workshop


BdNOG5 Conference & Workshop will be held from April 7-11 in Dhaka. Online registration for the event has already begun. There will be a one-day conference “ION Bangladesh 2016” Conference and four-day technical workshop on IPv4/IPv6 Routing Workshop and Linux Sysadmin & Services for the Telecom, ISP, Bank and Enterprise engineers.    

BdNOG Trustee and ISPAB president, M A Hakim said, “I think one of the key steps to improve the overall Internet service in Bangladesh is to improve the skills of our Internet engineers who are running the day to day internet business. BdNOG conference brings both the local and foreign Internet experts together to share their operational knowledge. We have seen the growth of the skill set of our engineers through these types of technical conferences for the last few years and we will continue to support this.

BdNOG President Rashed Amin Bidut has informed the media that the conference is mainly focused on the “Internet Operational Technology” to share work experience, conduct operational research, promote local ICT talent to the international community and build better internet service in Bangladesh.  BdNOG is organizing this event twice every year.  In addition to online registration for the event, BdNOG program committee is also inviting operational research paper for the conference.