3 Must-Try Restaurants in Tokyo That Will Fulfill Your Halal Needs!


Whether or not you’re a Muslim traveler in Japan, it is quite easy to find Muslim services such as halal food options. However, with their small number, it becomes difficult to find a truly certified halal restaurant. If you’re seeking halal food that will not disappoint, here are three Muslim-friendly restaurants you must try in Tokyo.

Sekai Cafe

halal sekai cafe

Sekai Cafe in Asakusa is aimed at providing everyone a chance to have a meal without diet limitations. They serve vegetarian dishes, halal foods, and organic cuisine. They also take note of any food allergies that customers may have. They also claim that their foods for Muslim diners are pork and alcohol-free. Also, meat and animal derivative ingredients used are halal. There are also many vegan dishes served at the cafe, such as grilled vegetable pizza, fresh salad pizza, salt yakisoba with soy meat and so on.

Luna Hala

halal luna hala

Luna Hala is another Muslim-friendly restaurant in Tokyo. It is located inside a business hotel in Tsukiji and is just a 3-minute walk from Tsujiki station. It would be a great opportunity to have halal food in the restaurant and stay at the hotel at the same time. Not all food on the breakfast and dinner menu is halal but all food on the lunch menu is. Though alcohol is served during dinner, it is okay not to worry as dining wares are separated for halal and non-halal food and drink items.

Saishoku Teppan Ippin

halal saishoku teppan ippin

If you want to visit a certified halal restaurant, then make Saishoku Teppan Ippin one of your choices in Tokyo. It is just 10-minute walk from Ebisu station and is frequently visited by people looking for authentic halal meals. Some of the items on the menu include chicken karage, bamboo rice, wagyu beef and a lot more. The vegetables served are organic and the food has been certified by the Nippon Asia Halal Association.